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what a few of our recent graduates say

what a few of our recent graduates say


Wow! I waited so long for the changes that this course helped me make in just days. The tools and strategies I learned have helped me become a better dad, partner and businessman. This truly was a game changing course for me!  Oh and I think I'm falling in love with an amazing  woman too! (forgot about that part, LOL) 


I don't know why or how you do it Hallie, but it was always like everything you taught me was exactly what I needed to hear to move forward. I can't believe how happy I am in my new relationship. I don't know if it's forever but for right now it's amazing!


Throughout the course I kept getting hit with situations that before would have knocked me down into a little ball of sadness. That's how I used to be. But now I handle everything that comes my way and my new boyfriend is my best friend and such an amazing influence on my two little boys.