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This 8-Week Workshop gives you every tool you need to move beyond your pain and into the next phase of life.

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I've done the program and found it to be life-changing. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to do the work, to find self-love, to be at peace, and who is open to love, experience Hallie's gift.



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Hello, my name is Hallie. I am the founder of the How To Single community. For the past several years, I have coached women in a personal one-on-one coaching program in the mid-four figures. Over the years, it was not lost on me that many single women don't have the ability to invest in themselves at this level. These women were ready to learn but finances held them hostage. I created this course as a more affordable alternative. It gives the emotional mastery tools and mindfulness skills that will progress your life so you have control over your future rather than a simple hope that things will get better. Life gets better once you take the lead!

Hallie knows her shit! I am normally a mediator, in my day-to-day life. I help others solve their problems through spiritual work and/or emotional exploration, and I'm fantastic at doing that for myself. It was great to have a different way to explore my own thoughts/patterns and approach it from a more mental, talking space. It helped me find a balanced clarity - a clarity that includes more of me.

-Christine Marie

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Take the LEAD! Decide today is the day you begin moving forward with your new life by investing in the tools and skills that will help you get there.

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Click the "Let's Go!" button below and enroll. Take a big EXHALE because you've just stepped on the best path to better that is offered today.

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Sign and return your membership agreement. Get started on your first lesson immediately. Prepare for an easier way of living to begin. CELEBRATE that help is on the way!

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8 Weeks of Healing and Support

Step-by-step process

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Access to Lessons for a Lifetime

The investment for this program is $997 with benefits that last a lifetime.

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