My name is Hallie (sounds like Valley) and my passion is helping people communicate who they are with the world. Far too many people struggle through life never realizing that in order to feel fully satisfied everything must be in alignment. Alignment is when our thoughts, life choices, and direction all reflect what we value most. Alignment is when we listen to our intuition and move through life embodying our true selves.



My services are a unique combination of my communications background and life coaching. Extensive training with the Martha Beck Institute helped build upon my intuitive ability to pick up on the patterns and blocks that are holding a person back. More importantly, I know the tools needed to get them out of the way.


My dedication to uncovering the truth stems from my early life experience as a Journalist in Television News. My passion has always centered around helping people clearly communicate their vision to the right audience. Today, digital media is a powerful way for businesses to gain more of what they want out of life and business.


Home base for my three daughters and me is Kansas City, Missouri. The true Heart of America! I'm a futurist and LOVE technology, especially because it allows me to digitally connect with clients all over the globe. Travel when I can is a must, but KC will always be my grounded place to recharge.  


If you want to see if I can help you move forward set up a FREE call with my team. This call is the most important step towards stepping into the life or business you keep waiting to live. Dreams don't come true because we have them, you must decide to go after them! 

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Hi, I'm Hallie...

Paris, 2016