I'm Hallie (sounds like Valley) and I created Life + Communication strategies to help people uncover their true potential in life and love. Too many people struggle in one area or the other never realizing that in order to have a full satisfying life both must be in alignment. Whether you need help with your inner relationship, outer relationships or communicating your message to attract the right clients our strategies and services give you the solutions you need.  



Our services are a unique combination of coaching support and communication consulting. Extensive training with the Martha Beck Institute helped me build an intuitive ability to pick up on the patterns and blocks holding you back. Once you identify these blocks and patterns, we then teach you how to master the tools that get you out of your own way. Many of our clients get more from one session in a coaching program than they have ever gotten from a lifetime of therapy. Our dedication to quality and purposeful communication stems from my experience working as a Journalist in Television News. My passion has always centered around helping people get clear on their own story. Once you learn how to capitalize on your strengths and manage your weaknesses you can confidently express who you are and what you want. This valuable skillset is what many of my clients say sets our coaching programs and communication consulting apart from all the others. 



Home base for my three daughters and me is Kansas City. The true Heart of America! I'm a big futurist and LOVE technology, especially because it allows me to connect with clients all over the globe. So I often travel if needed but KC is a great solid place to recharge.  


Several years ago my 18 year marriage ended, prompting me to dive deep into the unfamiliar world of getting to know myself and what I wanted for the next chapter of my life. Before becoming a Life Coach, I studied for a M.A. in Multimedia Communication from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. This education gave me a unique combination of skills and mindset. The hybrid helps me create and communicate my own thriving business which gives me the opportunity to help hundreds of people enjoy love in life and business.


If you want to learn how we can help you uncover your potential in life and love take the time to set up a Breakthrough call  with my team. The 45-minute call is fun, uplifting and absolutely the best step you'll ever take towards enjoying the life you keep waiting to live. Dreams don't come true because we have them, you've got to go after them first! 

Paris, 2016




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