November 21st

at 10AM (CT)


with Jessie

When exhaustion, emptiness and confusion become your norm, it takes more than a facial or a pedicure to give you true relief.


Once you reestablish connection between our body, mind and spirit you experience fulfilment and peace.


Hi, my name is Jessie Chiang and I’m an Intuitive Mentor. I help sensitive souls discover their intuitive abilities so that they can create magic and miracles in their work and life, without overwhelming and complicated methods.


We would like to welcome you to a marvelous energetic self-pampering and self-care two-hour long workshop with us.


This Spa Day will help you:

Clear heavy emotions and unwanted energy with simple techniques such as meditation and with tools such as essential oils and crystals


Tune into your intuition so you’ll learn to see yourself through the lens of compassion, peace and love; emotions essential to filling your cup.