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Make your BIRTHDAY great again

The older I am the more I think about the older I am.

Next week is my birthday. Until a few years ago, the week leading up to this chronological fact was filled with all kinds of anxiety. A behavior I decided to change after I realized the last time I looked forward to my birthday was when I turned 21.

For almost three decades, I lived

with the belief that reaching the age of alcohol legality was life’s last call for age celebration. Society’s idea that 1, 16 and 21 were the few birthdays worth fun fanfare had me fooled.

Realizing how limiting this thought was prompted me to make a few tweaks in my thinking. Deciding to make my birthday less about the number and more about my life was the first step.

Now I see my birthday as a day to celebrate where I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going. Birthdays are a great mark in time, so it helped me to see time as a gift rather than a thief.

Here are a few things that might help you make your birthday great again-

Set a goal with a plan. Many people feel their birthday is a depressing reminder of things they haven’t done. If the same goal sits on your list year after year it’s probably time to take a deeper look at why. In most cases, the solution sits snuggly in your subconscious mind. Once you uncover what’s kept you back, goals become achievable.

Be with loved ones. We are here as humans to enjoy relationships. Even if you have people around, take a moment and assess if those people fill you up or wear you out. You pick up the vibe of your tribe so if your tribe isn’t raising you up it might be time to give birth to some new relationships.

Give something to someone else. The ripple effect is real. Awkwardly compliment the clerk at the dry cleaner. Give an extra $5 to the waiter. Giving is a great way to see life’s beauty.

Gratitude. Yes. There’s a reason gratitude shows up in conversation so often. Because it works. What you appreciate, appreciates. Take note of the things in life you enjoy. Then. Do more of them. It’s that simple. Allow your life to be easy. And if right now the only thing in your life you enjoy is your morning cup of coffee, still write it down. Start somewhere and begin to sip down that java with a smile. You will soon see more and more of what you like start to show up for you.

Whatever the age, the bigness of a birthday is relevant. Last month my friend’s daughter turned 19. She slipped into a bit of a funk knowing this was the last year she’d say teen in her age.

Miracles are a shift in perception. Instead of mourning the passing of time, celebrate where you are, even if it’s not exactly where you want to be.

Endings hit especially hard when you don’t know what’s coming next. So take the lead and begin to be a part of creating what’s next.

Make a plan and keep moving forward. No matter our age, we are always capable of learning something new and raising a few standards.

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