I help entrepreneurs and creatives who want to spread the word about their business and/or creative work online but aren't sure how to get started or feel overwhelmed by the possibilities.


I use my training as a journalist and public relations specialist and my experience as an entrepreneur to help you craft your message, create content, and promote it effectively.

I am a social media expert, experienced online entrepreneur and life coach. I am passionate about helping people transform their lives to be the person they want to be and do the things they want to do. My mission is to provide results-driven, digital marketing solutions that create real, measurable, results for clients. 

Home base for my three daughters and me is Kansas City, Missouri. I'm a futurist and LOVE technology, especially because it allows me to digitally connect with clients all over the globe.   


If you want to connect set up a FREE call so we can discuss your business goals and marketing needs. 

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Hi, I'm Hallie...

Paris, 2016